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In  the  following  pages  you will find a series of excerpts from the novel Francisca and the Boys, written by your web  site host, Alfred  Arroyo.  You will also find a short biography about  the author, plus the  'Author's Note'  to give you an idea what the novel is about. Further down the line you will encounter photographs of oil paintings and other pictures that have been produced over the years by, yes, your host A.A. Needless to say, the novel is for sale and commissions to paint portraits and/or landscapes will be accepted.
As you go along you will find an oil painting of the celebrated Mermaid on the Lake Michigan shore which was touted by the newspapers and television back in, or about, December of 2000. This Mermaid was sculptured way back in the summer of 1986 by four Daring sculptors and artists, One of which was, yes, your host again, A.A.  
Thank you for checking out my website.
                                                                        Alfred Arroyo

In addition, interested Publishers and Galleries are welcomed to inquire.