Mermaid - Chicago


As stated in the home page of this website - the sculpture of the mermaid, re-discovered on the shore of Lake Michigan at 39th Street in December of 2000, was removed from its original location to storage under the care of the Chicago Park District.
According to the latest information received by this website this sculpture was to have been placed as part of a retaining wall somewhere along the Lake Michigan shore.
The purpose of this page is to insure that, should the sculpture finally find its permanent resting place, proper credit for its existance be given to those who participated in its creation.
Any controversy having arisen from this occurrence should be set aside by those of us who were and are involved, and instead look forward to the dedication of this sculpture, should that indeed happen.
Following is an informative list of the four participants involved in the creation of the sculpture.

Jose Moreno----Creator of the sculpture.
Resident of Michoacan, Mexico
Established and renown throughout his Country for his work as a Sculptor.
Jose is affiliated with art galleries in the Chicago area where much of his
work has been exhibited and sold.
At present (July 2004) he is in the process of establishing permanent residence in the City of Chicago.

Roman Villarreal--Sculptor and co-creator of the mermaid.
Resident of Chicago.
In past years has established himself as a solid and exceptional Sculptor
in Chicago and the Mid-west.
Roman has worked and taught art and sculpture during the summer months for
Mrs. Daley's "Block 37" Program and has exhibited and sold his work at
galleries and art Exhibits in the Chicago area.

Edfu Kin-ginga---Maker of African Jewelry.
Resident of Chicago.
Has exhibited and sold his work at art shows throughout the Chicago area.
Edfu assisted in sculpting the Mermaid by invitation.

Alfred Arroyo-Artist in oils on canvas, specializing in portraits and landscapes.
Long time resident of Chicago, now living in Cicero, Illinois.
Past organizer of art exhibits, and former President and co-founder of the
Chicago Urban Arts Group.
Alfred (better known as just Fred) assisted in the sculpture of the Mermaid
by invitation.