Mermaid - Chicago, 2002



Commemorative painting of a Mermaid

that was sculptured on the Lake Front of

Chicago by a group of Artists/Sculptors in

1986 and in which this Artist took part.

For More information about the Mermaid click here.

The Mermaid on Michigan Lake

(La Sirena)

By Alfred Arroyo
facing east
at thirty ninth
on the edge
of michigan lake

a whim
of young sculptors
and old assistants
a rising bosom
never to fall

a face serene
eyes closed

never to see
the rising sun
from the horizon
of michigan lake

her bended knees
or tail shall we say
ready to staighten
and snap
to lift her
from her bed
of stone

to dive into the depths
of michigan lake
to rise naught
till the next full moon

we call her
la sirena

young sculptors
old assistants

we call her
la sirena

the mermaid
on michigan lake

Copyright 2002