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Novel "Francisca and the Boys"

Francisca and the Boys

The Great Depression of the late 1920's and early 1930's caused suffering to families in every station of life,
but more so to the immigrant who had no particular knowledge of the way of life in the United States. Immigrant
families of the various nationalities that entered America for the first time suffered equally, for poverty did
not pick its victim according to national origin. The head of each family approached the problem in his or her
own particular method.

Readers should be aware that this novel was not written to give acceptance or support to a way of life that is
presented here, but merely that in reality, this WAS the way of life for a great many families of that era. There
is no message or protest intended here, other than there were and are inconsistencies in life facing us all.

This novel depicts the life of the Delmonte family headed by Chamaco Delmonte who, in his own way, managed
to keep the family above the poverty level of the times. Circumstances eventually cause the family reins to
be handed to his wife Francisca, giving her the task of bringing up their two sons, David and Nicolas, by herself.

The Delmonte family happens to be of Mexican descent, as is this author, who therefore has used his own life
experiences to set this story in place.

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